10 Facts EVERYONE Should Know About Male Fertility

In the world of fertility, women often put A LOT pressure on themselves. We download apps, clean up our diet, exercise regularly, take our vitamins, and even sometimes dance under the full moon during the fall harvest (no judgement here).  We feel your pain! BUT remember! It takes two to tango. 

  • 1. Pull that phone out of your pocket ASAP!
  • Studies have shown that the radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (or free radicals) from your laptops and mobile devices have caused cell death, decreased motility of the sperm and damaged the integrity of the DNA. Can you say NO THANK YOU?

    2. It’s Getting Hot in Here..

    Excessive or prolonged heat is bad for the testes. They hang outside of the body for a reason. Fun Fact: The “boys” are on average 7 degrees fahrenheit cooler than the rest of the body. 

    3. Rolling down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice...

    Although Snoop Dogg makes it look cool, smoking and drinking have been shown to have a severe impact on sperm and fertility. While nicotine and THC have been linked to abnormal shaped sperm and motility issues, alcohol has been linked to lower concentration.  

    4. Don’t be a fool, cover your tool!

    STD’s are one of the number one avoidable infertility issues. Get tested regularly as undiagnosed can cause serious long-term damage.

    5. Man meat is a treat!

    Research has shown that men who eat meat regularly have on average 60% active swimmers, whereas vegetarians have on average 33% active swimmers.

    6. Working on that dad bod

    Abs, have you heard of them? We’re not saying you need to be Chris Hemsworth (ladies am I right?) but studies show that men with BMI’s over 25 have decreased fertility, low concentration and low motility of sperm.

    7. Practice makes perfect

    While many think you need to “stock up” to increase your chances of conceiving. Studies have shown that regular ejaulation has been proven to help increase fertility and flush the old “fragmented” DNA from your system with new potent ones.

    8. You are what you eat

    Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate and Zinc are all amazing things to add to your diet to promote healthy fertility. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, Vitamin E in nuts and seeds, Zinc in beef, lobster and oysters and Folate in those dark leafy greens.

    9. Age is just a number...

    While men’s fertility health may slow and decline after age 50, it actually NEVER stops. Women stop producing eggs at a certain point in their lives, while men are constantly regenerating sperm, which have an average lifespan of 42-76 days.

    10. Constantly reinventing themselves

    Fertility in men can be improved because of their constant regeneration. This renewal system allows men a great chance to improve sperm health and count over a few months of time. At any given time, you will have sperm who are at the beginning of their lifespan and those who are at the end. Remember #7 and keep those lines clean.