10 Simple Life Hacks to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s be honest, we all have those days (or weeks) when leaving a body print in your couch from binging four seasons of Friends feels so right… Yes Netflix, I am still watching. When it comes to living a healthy active lifestyle, finding the time and energy can be hard! Our lives are so busy that the gym often gets abandoned... leading us to question why we still pay for those monthly memberships anyways? Instead, why not just give your lifestyle an activity boost?

Here are 10 simple healthy life hacks you can fit into your busy schedule:

1. Park Farther Away - It’s natural to spend more time waiting for the spot closest to the door. Instead, save yourself time by trading in your front row spot for one at the back for a longer walk.

  • 2. Take the Stairs - Why not join the Kardashians and build your booty by taking the stairs instead of the elevator? This easy substitute will give your quads a burn while lifting and firming one of your greatest assets! Tip: Doing 5 squats after every flight of stairs can help you take your booty game to the next level!

  • 3. Lift those Feet-
    Most of us spend hours in our office chairs, so why not work those abs while we’re at it? Place your feet together and lift your legs off the ground as many times as you can while keeping your core engaged. Tip: Already an expert? Try adding in ankle weights for more intensity!

  • 4. Suck it In - Turns out sucking in your belly has long-term benefits too! The simple task of drawing your belly button towards your spine and holding for 20 seconds 10 times throughout the day can actually strengthen your core, burn belly fat, and improve your posture considerably. Tip: Increase the holding time for a challenge. Make sure to keep breathing! (Jenarius, 2017

  • 5. Stretch it Out - Wondering what they were doing in all those 80’s workout videos? Yes, all those neon spandex clad women truly understood powers of stretching! Research suggests that stretching when you wake up and before bed is an *amazing* way to reduce stress, burn calories, and get a great night's sleep! (Fuller, 2014). 

  • 6. Drink plenty of water -  According to Livestrong, the same part of your brain is responsible for hunger and thirst cravings. The more water you drink the less hungry you feel! Not to mention that staying hydrated does wonders for your skin, muscles, joints, and digestion too! (Jenarius, 2017

  • 7. Take a Stand - FACT: Standing at your workstation can burn 50 more calories per hour than sitting while simultaneously improving your posture and core strength.  (Jenarius, 2017).

  • 8. Clean Vigorously - Living in a messy house can make you feel anxious or even stressed but it has been proven that a rigorous session of cleaning can burn up to 200 calories per hour! Your body and mind will thank you! (Brady, 2017). 

  • 9. Curl those Cans - Use a basket instead of a grocery cart and burn more calories with some heavy grocery lifting! Bye bye gym weight room filled with sweaty men in sleeveless shirts!

  • 10. Breathe - Yes, it’s as easy as that. Take 20-50 deep breaths throughout your work day. Breathing has been proven to boast a ton of benefits including increasing energy levels, elevating your mood, and burning calories by increasing oxygen intake.

    So what are you waiting for? Get up and get moving! These simple tasks may even become new habits and before you know it you’ll be exercising without even realizing it (sounds like a dream right?!)! It is no secret that fertility issues have been linked to high levels of stress, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyles, so why not take steps in the right direction towards a healthier and happier you!