6 Tips to Keep the Sizzle this Valentine’s Day

When you’re trying to conceive month after month, sex can start to feel like a bit of chore. Adhering to schedules, calculating the optimum time for conception, and or even worse…”sex homework” from your doctor. If this sounds familiar, we’ve got you covered. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to shake things up. Here are 6 tips to get back the sizzle!

Tip #1: Shake the sheets for no reason at all.

You may think this sounds a bit counterproductive when you’re trying to conceive, having sex just because – outside of when you’re ovulating. But here me out. When you’re constantly adhering to schedules and counting the best days after months of trying, your partner may start to feel a bit like a sperm donor, and you might be getting more and more anxious by the month. Having sex outside of your ovulation window, takes the pressure away and let’s you reconnect sexually with one another. That way when ovulation time does roll around, you feel a bit more relaxed.

Tip #2: Foreplay.

A lot of times when trying to conceive, foreplay goes out the window. Bringing it back into the bedroom can reignite your sexual connection. Massage, kissing and sensual touch are all important in maintaining closeness and a strong bond with your partner. Take the extra time to add in some foreplay, you’ll be surprised just how hot things become.

Tip #3: Go back to the beginning.

Remember that first time you had sex? Where was it? How were you feeling – nervous? What position did you do it in? Take it back there, and have fun re-creating your first time together. Even if the first time wasn’t magical like the movies – whose is anyway right? It can be fun to reminisce, laugh and reconnect. Laughter can help lighten the mood and take away the pressure of trying to conceive.

Tip #4: Set the mood.

You don’t have to go crazy here and start spreading rose petals through the house or lighting 100 candles – of course you can if you want. But create an atmosphere that helps you relax, decompress from your busy day at work. If you’re stressed or pissed-off at the day you just had, it might carry over into the bedroom, making for not such hot sex. Try dipping in the tub for a hot bath, or simply lighting a couple candles and putting your feet up. Maybe even go crazy and mix up a cocktail or 2 – a mocktail for you though…just in case =)

Tip #5: Have a no-sex date.

Taking a moment to spend time with your partner and doing things other than trying to conceive is important. Go to a basketball game, visit a museum, go hiking together, or anything else you like to do. Making time to put you two first will help enhance your mental health and wellness. Helping you to become more connected for when your party of 2 becomes a party of 3.

Tip #6: Try something new.

If you’ve been putting off a weekend trip, or not experimenting in the bedroom because you’re anticipating a pregnancy – STOP. Sex-time, vacation-time, and you-time will only become more difficult to come by when you have kids. So go to the cute little shore house you’ve been dying to visit, drop down and getting dirty on the kitchen floor, or order some sensual toys online to play around with. Now’s the time to do it, and enjoy every minute of it!

Remember, this amazing journey is ultimately about creating another life and expanding your family. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Put the excitement back into your sex life and who knows, you might conceive sooner than you think. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at FERTILIFY.