5 Reasons to Take Multivitamins

SPOILER ALERT! No matter who you are, or what lifestyle you lead, many of us can benefit from taking the right supplements.

They can help protect against damage caused by poor lifestyle choices and better yet, some can even help to enhance your mood and energy levels! Here are the top five reasons to add supplements to your health care routine:

  1. Diet Alone Doesn’t Do It - Take a minute to think back to what you ate yesterday, or even this morning. As much as we try *cough* to eat healthy *cough* most of the time, it can be hard! Even if you do eat nutrient rich, healthy foods 100% of the time, you still likely won't be able to eat enough to match the nutrient levels you may need to reach your health goals. 
Did you know that in order to get the current recommended levels of Vitamin D3, you would have to eat 27 egg yolks? Yes 27. Looking for the current recommended level of Coenzyme Q10? You would need to eat 7 whole Sockeye Salmon, or a whole bunch of organ meat…yum. Let’s just stick to the right supplements and make pizza and wine on Friday night guilt FREE. 
Fertilify Food Consumption
  2. Help Boost Energy Levels - Certain B Vitamins, such as Vitamin B12, have been shown to help the body process carbs, proteins and fats, and turn them into energy. This means that taking a B Vitamin supplement helps you to, very literally, have your cake and eat it too. 

  3. Encourages Natural Beauty - You know that no makeup *glowy* look all the celebrities seem to have naturally? Score one for the rest of us because that look is within reach! 
 Research suggests that incorporating certain antioxidants and vitamins into your lifestyle you can protect skin and encourage healthy hair and nail growth!
  4. Healthy Aging - Forever Young as Jay Z would say! Right? Research suggests that the best way to maintain both physical and mental youth is to preserve the good cells in your body. Easy enough? Maybe not. But that's where CoQ10 comes in! supplements with this powerful antioxidants help maintain proper cellular function throughout your life. Hello youthful radiance! 

  5. Support and Maintain Your Fertility - Vitamin D3 is so important here. Recent studies indicate a very strong connection between maintaining Vitamin D levels and increasing a woman’s fertility. 9/10 women who are currently seeking fertility treatments never thought they would need to, so protecting your fertility early on is key.