7 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Fertility!

It’s the beginning of another new year, and it is time for New Year’s Resolutions! At FERTILIFY we wanted to give you a few resolutions you could add to benefit your fertility. We’ve come up with 7 resolutions to help you boost your reproductive health. Add just one to your 2017 resolution list or add them all! Whatever you decide, you’ve made an important decision for your fertility this year.

  1. Chat with your Doctor

Now you may think going to the doctor isn’t the most fun thing you could do to start your year off. But, a quick check-in with your doc can give you important information about your fertility status. Request a check-up with your physician where you take a few moments to chat about your reproductive health. Talk about things like birth control, sexual partners, your STI status, and get a pap smear – if it’s that time. If you’re worried about potential fertility issues, this is also a good time to ask for a quick blood test to check your AMH and other hormone levels.

  1. Get Romantic

Break out the champagne and turn on the Marvin Gaye! One of the most important relationships we have in our life is with our significant other. Thus, it deserves special attention and care. This New Years, make a resolution to focus on your relationship. This could be anything from simply spending more time together, by playing a game or even just cuddling. Plan a cooking night together each week, or try a new sport together. And last but not least, light the candles and re-ignite that spark in the bedroom.

  1. Reduce Stress

Stress can have an impact on several aspects of our life, including our fertility. By reducing our stress levels, we can get into a better mental and physical health state. A good place to start is clearing the clutter in your life. Getting organized can make your house and your life run more efficiently. Make sure to get enough sleep each night to keep you in better shape to tackle the day ahead. Another great tip is to listen to soothing music and relax, or take up a hobby that relieves your mind from other life stressors.

  1. Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Creating a healthy lifestyle can go a long way for you and your fertility. This can be as big or small of a change as you want. Think about exercising if you don’t already. Or if you’re a meat lover, try adding just 1 serving of veggies to your diet each day. If you smoke – QUIT! Sorry, no easy way to get around that one. Just do it, you’ll thank us later. And start drinking more water by adding an extra cup per day. The sooner you start making these changes in your life, the healthier you’ll start feeling.

  1. Know Your Cycle

You go through some big changes during your 20s, 30s and 40s. So it should come as no surprise that your cycle does as well. Your period at 20, is probably quite a bit different than your period at 40. It’s good to know your cycle; how heavy it is, how many days between each cycle, how long does it lasts, etc… This will help you get to know your fertility better, and spot any irregularities in the future.

  1. Have a Strong Support System

This resolution is a little out-of-the-box for some. But, it could be one of the most important for those going through fertility struggles, or those thinking about getting pregnant during the coming year. A strong support system can go a long way in well…supporting you. So gather your friends, your family, and those that you want close to you for those emotional moments to come.


Make 2017 your year to take charge of your fertility, and start with FERTILIFY. It was developed by a leading fertility doctor to help women support and maintain their reproductive health. FERTILIFY is the only all natural supplement that includes all the vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for a woman’s reproductive health. So, if you’re thinking about getting pregnant now, or years into the future, FERTILIFY can help.

We want to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. We hope you’ll give one of our fertility resolutions a go, to take control of your reproductive health this year. Let us know if you have any other New Year’s Resolution in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!