FERTILIFY vs Prenatal Vitamins

There’s some confusion around fertility supplements and prenatal vitamins. Aren’t they the same? Which one is better? Can I take them if I’m not prego? You asked, we answered! Let’s set it straight!

Fertility supplements are NOT the same as prenatal vitamins. Each are meant for completely different stages of conception as a woman’s nutritional needs are not the same prior to conception as they are throughout her pregnancy. Fertility supplements are meant for those wanting extra support to promote reproductive health, to help women who are trying to conceive even when the odds seem against them. According to Dr. Eric Widra, “It is important to start taking a preconception supplement as soon as you begin trying to conceive". Alternatively, If you are already preggers (Congratulations girl!) you should be taking prenatal vitamins. Prenatals are great at helping you carry a healthy baby but do nothing to help support your fertility. If you are trying to conceive, it’s important to know that there are elements in prenatals such as iron and other elements that can actually reduce your fertility.

You might be asking how is this possible? Well...Iron, which is in almost all prenatals increases the production of reactive oxygen species or ROS causing point mutations in our mitochondria. This is important because we have loads more of mitochondria in our egg cells than any other cell in our bodies, more than our muscle, or even brain cells! If you recall from biology class the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. This is particularly important for human egg cells because they need a healthy mitochondria (or powerhouse) to create life. These point mutations are the result of aging.That is why age is one of the leading factors of infertility; not only are our number of eggs decreasing but so is the quality of our eggs.  

Many women swear by prenatal vitamins for their beautifying benefits… shinier thicker hair, clearer and firmer skin, stronger nails...the list goes on! According to Jennifer Wider MD, taking prenatal vitamins when you’re not trying to conceive or are not currently pregnant can actually be harmful causing a number of negative side effects (besides bae having a heart attack when he sees your vitamin bottle). These vitamins are designed for mommies-to- be and taking them when you are not pregnant could cause you to miss out on essential nutrients or even overdose on vitamins! As mentioned, most prenatal vitamins contain loads of iron(much more than the average woman needs). And, as we now know this works against our fertility, which is exactly the opposite of what you want for when you’re trying to get pregnant! Don’t get us wrong we need prenatal vitamins, they are super important for carrying and promoting a healthy pregnancy.

FERTILIFY’s natural fertility supplements have everything you need to help support your fertility. FERTILIFY was created by a leading fertility specialist to help promote reproductive health for women at any age or stage. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF we have you covered!

There you have it! There is no winner in this face-off as both are necessary just at different stages of conception! Prenatal vitamins are great for when your eggo is preggo and fertility supplements like FERTILIFY are for preconception health and are great for those wanting to improve and maintain reproductive health!

FERTILIFY for when YOU are Ready.