Fertility and Meditation: How One Helps the Other

So you’re ready to have a baby. You’ve told your friends and family and they’re thrilled. You’ve spent some time getting “practice” in, but nothing yet. You’ve downloaded the right apps to track your cycle, and still no baby. You’ve gone to your doctor, who tells you to relax (easier said than done) and still nothing. Every visit with friends causes you stress “When’s the baby coming?” they constantly ask. Your family offers advice but the pressure is mounting. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months and before you know it, your every thought is “Why can’t I get pregnant?”

First off, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I will repeat, You, my friend, are not alone in this struggle. In regular day to day life, we all have stresses and unique ways to deal with them. Some go for a run, some grab a drink with friends and some try the newest fitness fad (Treadmill dancing am I right?). But through the years yoga and meditation have stood the test of time. 

Meditation is a powerful technique for learning how to “unwind” the mind and find happiness that is not dependent on anything outside of your being. It’s simple, really.  You just sit and observe the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that are present in our body and mind. Well, it SOUNDS simple. Meditation like anything takes practice and time. The biggest expectation is that meditation will make you feel instantly feel calmer and more relaxed– almost like you sit cross-legged and this white light will instantly shine upon you and peace arrives. In actual fact, it is the complete opposite of that. When we sit and listen to our minds and emotions, it feels tumultuous and restless. But the simple act of observing those feelings helps to change your life outside of the mediation. It starts with a subtle awareness of your mind and your most common emotions and grows into dealing with those emotions (stress, pain, and suffering) in everyday life.

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel so out of balance around your period, or really sad as the weather changes, it’s most likely because your body is not intuned. How do you know if it’s tuned? No, you can’t go out and buy a tuner like you would a guitar. You’ll need to look a little bit deeper, to the Chakras. There are 7 Chakras to be exact, that all have links to the natural elements, your senses, and your emotions. They can be linked to foods, essential oils and event stones. So if you’re feeling down on yourself, and like no one cares...your Heart Chakra is probably out of alignment, and you need physical touch, personal connections and something that brings love to your life. Now you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking “What a kook” but unlike treadmill dancing, this has been around for millions of years and has been studied, researched and endorsed by doctors, therapists, healers, doulas, midwives etc. the list is endless.

How can YOU do this? Following this basic meditation and affirmations thanks to NaturalFertilityInfo.Com

Root Chakra – Base of the spine

I let go of my insecurities and fear of being infertile. I envision my blood flowing through my body, healthy and nourishing. I feel my skeleton holding me up aligned and strong. I am grounded and centered on my fertility journey.

Sacral Chakra – Two inches above the Root Chakra

I let go of self-limiting thoughts. I envision my reproductive organs as vibrant and healthy; functioning perfectly. I am connected to my sexuality in a respectful and loving way.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Just above the navel

I release tension and any feelings of lack of control surrounding my fertility. I own my personal power. I envision my digestive system taking in my food and thoughts, transforming them into nourishing energy for my body and my future child.

Heart Chakra – Chest

I release my guilt and lack of love for myself. I have the ability to give and receive love and compassion freely. I forgive myself for any guilt I carry surrounding my fertility. I am worthy of love. I envision my heart and lungs working perfectly, bringing freshly oxygenated blood to my entire body.

Throat Chakra – Throat

I resolve to communicate my feelings surrounding my fertility journey in a clear way. I will be honest with myself. I work to balance my life. My fertility is a creative expression of my human experience. I envision my thyroid gland working efficiently to keep my energy balanced.

Third Eye Chakra – Center of the forehead

I let go of my lack of concentration and fear of succeeding. My visions and dreams to have a baby and heal my body are clear to me. I make my reality and dreams come true. I envision what I hear and see about myself clearly for what they are, and I work to transmute them into loving, healthy thoughts.

Crown Chakra – Top of head, extending upward

I let go of my frustration and destructive thoughts surrounding my fertility. I am connected to my Creator. I feel peace and well being from this connection. I envision my endocrine system, brain, and nervous system functioning with calm, centered peace and clarity. I am fertile.

Remember, these changes cannot be measured by the same means as your weight, or heart rate. It takes time and patience. Buy a book and write down how you feel before and after each session. Use simple phrases like “Calmed me down” or “Helped me understand”. Keeping track of your feelings is the easiest way to see what direction you need to shift during meditation to help improve your overall health for prime fertility. You go boss babes!