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5 Foods that Help and Hinder Fertility

When it comes to fertility, everyone seems to be an expert. They offer their opinions, whether they are wanted or not. Sifting through the tips like “My sister in law took castor oil shots and was pregnant in a month” can be confusing and extremely overwhelming. As it is the holiday season, we tend to be more indulgent in food and drink, regardless of what stage we are in life. Don’t feel guilty when Susan questions your choice of champagne at midnight on New Year’s Eve if you’re in baby-making mode. CELEBRATE and enjoy yourself. One glass won’t leave you baren! It’s all about choices and control. This month we’re breaking down the foods that can help to naturally boost...

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for #BossBabes in Baby Making Mode

The season of giving is upon us, and as much as those #BossBabes in your life like a coffee mug with a witty pop culture reference, sometimes it’s nice to think outside of the box and spoil those #BossBabes with the ulitmate must haves on their list. BellaBeat - starting at $119.00 Everyone and their brother has a fitness tracker, but not everyone has this super chic piece of “smart jewelry” not only does it track your activity throughout the day, it monitors your stress level, the quality of sleep, provides you with several guided meditations and best of all it tracks your cycle. The BellaBeat is also discreet and looks like a super cute piece of jewelry that can...

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