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5 Foods that Help and Hinder Fertility

When it comes to fertility, everyone seems to be an expert. They offer their opinions, whether they are wanted or not. Sifting through the tips like “My sister in law took castor oil shots and was pregnant in a month” can be confusing and extremely overwhelming. As it is the holiday season, we tend to be more indulgent in food and drink, regardless of what stage we are in life. Don’t feel guilty when Susan questions your choice of champagne at midnight on New Year’s Eve if you’re in baby-making mode. CELEBRATE and enjoy yourself. One glass won’t leave you baren! It’s all about choices and control. This month we’re breaking down the foods that can help to naturally boost...

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10 Facts EVERYONE Should Know About Male Fertility

In the world of fertility, women often put A LOT pressure on themselves. We download apps, clean up our diet, exercise regularly, take our vitamins, and even sometimes dance under the full moon during the fall harvest (no judgement here).  We feel your pain! BUT remember! It takes two to tango.  1. Pull that phone out of your pocket ASAP! Studies have shown that the radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (or free radicals) from your laptops and mobile devices have caused cell death, decreased motility of the sperm and damaged the integrity of the DNA. Can you say NO THANK YOU? 2. It’s Getting Hot in Here.. Excessive or prolonged heat is bad for the testes. They hang outside of the body...

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