"It works! After 3 years of trying I am pregnant!!! Definitely recommend this product

Natt C. - 33 years

Using FERTILIFY for 3 months

"It works!!! I love, love, love this product! I saw a really good reviews regarding this product, I tried it. Believe it or not I got pregnant 😊😊😊 The most wonderful thing happened to my life. Thanks FERTILIFY."

Jane W. - 32 years

Using FERTILIFY for 2 months

"The one thing i can say though is that it defiantly helped with ovulation. Before i started talking FERTILIFY I was about 2 and a half weeks from my period and for once I actually had ovulated correctly. I really hope it works. I have about 2 more weeks before i find out if it's a success or not. Fingers crossed!

Update: This stuff made it so i ovulated correctly and i just got my first positive pregnancy test. We've been trying for a year and a half and it's actually happened once I started taking FERTILIFY."

Kimmie. A. - 33 years

Using FERTILIFY for 3 months

"Highly Recommend!!! Was trying for over a year and nothing took this for less then a month and well surprise!!! I'M PREGNANT!!!! Highly recommend this product!!!"

Lily P. - 32 years

Using FERTILIFY for 1 month

"It really worked for me! After 2+years of trying to conceive I decided to give FERTILIFY a try. Started it this July. This morning I got my first positive pregnancy test. I'm still in shock.

Update 1: I'm still in shock and can't believe I'm pregnant. I've had 2 ultrasounds and am expecting a baby girl in July.

Update 2: I can't rave enough about this product. I'm sitting here with my gorgeous daughter. Something I was afraid might never happen."

Spike S. - 33 years

Using FERTILIFY for 6 months

"First month taking FERTILIFY Health + Beauty. Love the fact that they are chewable and taste like vitamin C."

Alexis A. - 29 years

Using FERTILIFY for 1 month

"Used FERTILIFY for 6 months and got pregnant. Really felt these helped me be healthy. I am 34 years old and tried for 1 year. Great flavor!"

Kristy M. - 34 years

Using FERTILIFY for 6 months

"My husband and I started TTC about six months ago and every month we were very disappointed. I spoke with my doctor about possibly trying fertility treatment. I came across FERTILIFY, and figured what the heck. We are 8 weeks pregnant now. I would recommend FERTILIFY. It worked for us :)"

Meagan C. - 35 years

Using FERTILIFY for 3 months

 "Worked right away! I read a lot of positive reviews, so I decided to try FERTILIFY. I took them every day the way you're supposed to. Sure enough, a few months later I took a pregnancy test and there was a positive sign. I couldn't believe it because that has never happened before. I took four more tests throughout the week to be sure, and all 4 came out positive. I highly recommend this product to anyone trying to get pregnant. I'm a believer!"

Aimee E. - 32 years

Using FERTILIFY for 1 month