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You’re pregnant!

Congratulations! For a good number of women, getting pregnant wasn't as easy as it was when our mothers had us. Whether you conceived naturally, or through the assistance of fertility treatments, you should put your trust in a prenatal and postnatal formula that was designed by world renowned fertility doctors.

FERTILIFY Pregnancy's world-class formula supports prenatal and postnatal health for pregnant and nursing mothers.

  • Softgels: 120, 4 per day
  • Number of days per bottle: 30
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Ingredient Amount Studies show
DHA Triglycerides
(Docosahexaenoic Acid)
300 mg
  • Vital to neurological development and retinal maturation
  • Anti-inflammatory properties; which are important because inflammation can cause pregnancy complications
  • Works with EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and Other Omega Fatty Acids
  • ͞There are 17,929 studies on DHA and counting
Acid (MTHF), Glucosamine Salt)
1,533 mcg DFE
  • When taken before, and during, pregnancy can reduce the risk of Neural tube defects (NTD).
  • 50% of pregnancies are unplanned; it’s important to be prepared
  • MTHF is superior to regular Folic Acid; better absorption and less concerns
  • There are 51,716 studies on Folate and counting
Vitamin K2
45 mcg
(Calcium Malate)
150 mg
  • Calcium Malate is a superior form of Calcium; has a higher bioavailability than Calcium Carbonate which is commonly found in conventional prenatal vitamins
  • Safer than Oyster Shell Calcium, which can contain high levels of lead toxins
  • There are 463,834 studies on Calcium and counting
(Magnesium Malate)
75 mg
(Zinc Gluconate)
13 mg
Other Prenatal Ingredients 1,464 mg
  • There is a lot of compelling research in support of prenatal supplementation, however not all prenatal supplements
    are the same; It's important for both mother and baby to get the right nutrients, in useful amounts, in the right forms
  • There are 2,013 studies on Prenatal Vitamins and counting